Norse Mythology

Hel Goddess of Death

In Norse Mythology, Hel was the ruler of the underworld.

I often get so inspired when I´m on Pinterest and come across images of goddesses and gods! Norse Mythology is fascinating, and one of my favorite tales is the one of Hel, the goddess of death. With half the body of an alluring woman and the other half that of a corpse, Hel ruled the underworld where she welcomed all people who have not died on the battlefield and in doing so earned a place in Valhall. To die in your bed was the ultimate bummer for a Viking – you dont´t get to party with the Valkyries and end up in the underworld with Hel instead..

Hel Goddess of Death

I´m wearing:

Skin – Redgrave  – Paper Skin Trinity
Makeup –  Corvus – Skull Face Tattoo
Dress – B&C – Ivana Gown (Think I got this at some fair a while ago – can´t remember which one unfortunately
Headpiece – Bliensen + MaiTai -Druantia in Autumn/Sliver
Pose – Axix – LadyCrow (Comes with several poses and the ravens included)