Pink Kink

Pinky Kinky

So I went to the Fresh  –  Inspired Kink Fair – I have to say that I loved it! Although I´m not really in the market for kinky outfits to wear with a loved one, I do feel very inspired these days leading up to valentines – and not to mention the release of Fifty Shades of Gray – have read the books, and while I think they are soooo badly written, they to speak to something I think most of us have in us.  So while this is not exactly gray – let´s call it (at least) fifty shades of pink:)



Skin – Glam Affair – Ellie  Asia
Hair –KoKoLoReS – Felicia
Blindfold – Style X – Blindfold (Lots of colors on touch!)
Harness/Underwear – Violent Seduction – Siccus (Harness/bra/underwear)  @ Fresh
Bows (arms & legs) -MUKA – Burlesque Bow @ Burlesque
Shoes – .:KC:. – Mona



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