Can´t believe he would do this to me…

Pissed of bride

Wedding blues

Having fun with the Slink Visage Mesh Head! While I´m eagerly awaiting the new Lelutka Mesh heads, I´m just playing around with all the expressions with the Slink Visage. The result was a seriously pissed of bride…



Head – Slink Visage Mesh Head
Body – Belleza Venus
Skin/Applier  –  Pumec  – Kamilla – Winter
Dress –  Junbug – Vivaldi @Uber
Veil –  Viettel – Wedding Veil Tianna 4.0


One thought on “Can´t believe he would do this to me…

  1. well look at it this way atleast the SLINK HEAD is Omega compatiable, you can do heaps with the head with it being Omega compatiable I and a few others in SL are really wanting the lelutka heads to become SLUV/Omega compatiable so we can also enjoy the omega experience…. if you have the lelutka head now I hope you see my post and you also join in as petition and comment and tell Lelutka how much we need the heads to be SLUV/Omega compatiable I will however be looking for more people to join in and post on the blog also.

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